Summer Dates Announced

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water-17School is out!!!! Now lets have some fun with Pools & Ponds and Mondays with Munafo. Check for the dates below:

Pools & Ponds Begins
Sundays | 5:00 – 8:00pm
Pools & Ponds are nights with friends, food, and fun! Get connected this summer to our Student Ministry by bringing your swim gear, a few friends, and an empty stomach! You won’t want to miss the memories that are created here!
June 25   John/Jaci Bleau’s home                      6601 Goldenrod Ct. Curtice, OH 43412
July 2   Tony/Cynthia Mitchell’s home           414 Chesterfield Ln Maumee, OH 43537
July 9   Walker/Kim Banky’s  home                5752 Bermuda Dr. Walbridge, OH 43465
July 16   Joe/Stephanie Shinaver’s home        5331 N Branch Blvd. Millbury, OH 43447
July 23   Craig/Amy Sigler’s home                   210 Elm Tree Ct. Northwood, OH 43619
July 30   Brent/JennyKreager’s home              2631 N. First St. Martin, OH 43445
Aug 6   Tom/Mandy Caldwell’s home            1343 Creekbend Ct. Rossford, OH 43460
Aug 13   Brad/Angie Blandin’s home               2329 Pheasant Dr. Northwood, OH 43619

Mondays with Munafo
Revolution (Grades 9-12) & Rush (grades 6-8) &
June 26 – August 14 | 11:45am – 2:00pm
Mondays with Munafo are gatherings for students to connect with Pastor Brian through spiritual topics & discussion over lunch. Have a question you always wanted to ask someone about your faith? This is the place to do it. Why not enjoy some good food and laughs in the process! Come and hang out with us! Meet in Brian Munafo’s office in the Warehouse at church. Where we go for lunch TBD by the students when they arrive.

June 26th – RUSH (Middle School)
July 13th – REVOLUTION (High School)
July 17th – RUSH (Middle School)
July 24th – REVOLUTION (High School)
July 31st – RUSH (Middle School)
Aug 7th – REVOLUTION (High School)
Aug 14th – RUSH (Middle School)

Graduation Sunday

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We’re so proud of our seniors and it was a wonderful night to invite families and discuss memories from our time in youth. The leaders are so excited to see these students go off into the world with a strong faith.

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We ended the night praying over the students. We’re sad to see them finish with our group – but so excited to see what they do in our communities.

Change #3

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We finished out our series on Change with talkingResized_20170507_200733 about Palate changes when we seek God. It was also an emotional night as it was the last night for i-teams this school year. We love and will miss our students this summer.

Brent Kreager discussed how when we seek God it can cause a change to our Palate. Your palate is on the roof of your mouth and helps us appreciate taste and flavor in foods.

He discussed as we grow closer to God, our appetite changes for how we live our lives. He used the word PALATE to describe that.

P-Prayer, A-Advancing the Kingdom, L-Love Others, A-Appetite for reading The Bible, T-Total Transformation, E-Eternal Perspective.

Major points were a maturing prayer life, loving and reaching others, reading God’s word, and viewing the world with eyes on Heaven. We challenged our students to use the summer to get closer to God.

We can’t wait to celebrate our seniors next Sunday – which is somehow the last Sunday night of this school year.

Change #2

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It is crazy, but this upcoming Sunday night will be the last regular Revolution and Rush of the year – with the Graduation Sunday the next week. We’ve had such a wonderful year, and we’re looking forward to finishing it with a bang with our series on Change.

Levi talked about change. He discussed how when we accept Jesus as our personal savior the Holy Spirit is always working inside of us to make us a reflection of Jesus. Sometimes it doesn’t feel or look like it, but sometimes we need trails to come back as a closer representation of Jesus.

Levi encouraged students to cling to the Cross, know that his grace is sufficient. He also said to stick to your community of Christians to help you in your walk. He also shared scripture about how we don’t have to say anything with our message of the gospel because how we live does already.

God is working in our hearts to change us, it’s important to remember that.

Levi shared a wonderful analogy to describe how we can be open about our struggles while looking forward to what God does to our hearts. He mentioned how we’re embarrassed if our room or house is a mess. We’re less embarrassed showing the mess our home is if we’re going through renovations. We discuss a plan for our house what we envision a new kitchen or room after the renovations are done. Levi encouraged us to view our walks with Christ similarly. Yea we may have a mess on our hands, but it’s all in God’s hands ultimately and we can trust that he’s going to make something incredible out of us.

Can’t wait for next week!

Change #1

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Change is inevitable… But how we receive the change that will dictate our lives. We can either be bitter and blame God, or we can trust God through change even when it’s scary, sad, or a disappointment that God will use ultimately for his glory even if it doesn’t bring us the good that we had hoped for.

As an example we looked at Luke and the change/disappointment that went into John the Baptist life when Jesus didn’t get him out of jail. Jesus’ response to John’s question ‘are you one we’ve been expecting or should we look for someone else’ showed that sometimes we have expectations of God to carry out our individual expectations of God rather than prioritize God’s purpose over our own. We need to make sure that our faith in Jesus isn’t built upon what Jesus can do for us, but rather what we can do for him and his glory.

Changing our mindset on change – we can endure them and see the silver lining faster had we not been focused on ourselves but ultimately the Kingdom of God.

The Marriage Covenant

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Our man Brent Kreager came and spoke to the students about marriage. He had a few clear messages for the students to take even though marriage may be the last thing on their minds.

One of his main messages was about how God must be first. He discussed being intentional about selflessness and serving God daily.

“God has to be one’s first love in their life before any mate,” he said.

Mark 10:9 says: “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

He also talked a lot about choices students are making today and how it can effect them down the line. How the foundation of marriages should be based on a relationship with God. Only Christ can sustain and protect a marriage.

Brent finished off the marriage talk by mentioning it is about giving for the other person, not what you receive.

We’re so excited about Ethos this weekend, and Sunday night will be the second Hot Topics Night!

Purity Week 2

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We looked at the Song of Solomon for some answers to some dating questions. Some of the questions we looked at

Is being attracted to someone normal or a sin? First first verses show us it is not a sin to have that attraction to the opposite sex, but what we do with that attraction can be.

Are you who the person you are looking for – is looking for? Are you living the way you want to be viewed? Solomon talks about having a name with a good reputation. Also, would you feel honored to be asked out by your boyfriend or girlfriend? Would you feel privileged to take them to church or meet your parents?

How do I know I’m a good enough person to be liked? Brian encouraged us to never let our own faults to settle for someone not good enough – or doesn’t respect you the way you deserve. He also said if we’re not secure enough with our own relationship with God then you need to wait to get in a relationship with a boy or girl. Seek God first.

How do I know when I’m ready to date? Brian explained some qualities to look for, like someone who is convicted and lives with authority regarding his or her faith. Someone willing to walk out of a movie theater if the content isn’t right instead of just going along with it. Someone who encourages you to walk out your faith.

“You’re ready to date when you’re willing to be single instead of making a bad choice,” Brian said.

He challenged students to make a list of qualities you’d want in a future spouse. He said to pray for those things and think about who’d you want in a spouse. He encouraged us if students date to take time and not rush it – after a date spend a few days to think about it. He said to do it in the public eye, don’t hide. Also ask a mentor about it.

Spend daily quiet time with The Lord in his word and prayer – and look for someone who does the same.


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This week we discussed the exciting conversation with teenagers that is purity.

Levi started out with mentioning Psalm 24 which mentions how those who can go before God have clean hands and a pure heart. We discussed how things that happen now can affect us in the future, or a future spouse.

Having clean hands and a pure heart goes behind just waiting to have sex until marriage. Purity can include how we talk, what movies we watch, what music we listen to, or anything the Holy Spirit may reveal is leading us away from God.

Levi also explained how God does his work in our messes. He mentioned how David had a child with another man’s wife, and then had the man killed to cover for his original sin. Finally, David had to humble himself before the Lord after his sins.

  • Don’t elevate your sin over the Cross, God still loves you.

We discussed sharing our struggles with each other to have accountability. We also discussed steps we can make to live life with clean hands and a full heart.

Hot Topic Night

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Questions, questions, questions…

We went through curious questions, morality ones, and theological questions during our Hot Topics Night. We want to thank our panel of four made up of Jeff Burson, Tom Caldwell, Mackenzie Bensch, and Deanna Kohlhofer.

Questions on what happened to the dinosaurs to creation, and then even some thoughts on purity and theology.

Since we couldn’t get to all the questions, we might bring the panel back for a hot topics night during Ethos next month.

H2O takeover at Rush/Revolution

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IMG_8077We’re so grateful and thankful to have two Bowling Green State University football players Alphonso Mack and Nate Locke come lead our Sunday night.

The two discussed how we are valuable even though we’re young, and we have a purpose and meaning to pursue God.

1 Timothy 12: Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.

We’re grateful for their message and willingness to come and serve us Sunday.

We lift up prayers to Alphonso who is preparing to chase his dream of playing in the NFL, and Nate who is preparing for his redshirt junior season as a linebacker for the Falcons.